IT University - RSS The top 25 events 40th International Conference on Software Engineering &eventId=6126734928 ICSE, the International Conference on Software Engineering, is the premier software engineering conference, providing a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, research, experiences, trends and concerns in the field of Software engineering. <![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><metadata><startDateTime>2018-05-27 12:34</startDateTime><endDateTime>2018-06-03 23:59</endDateTime></metadata>]]> Conference Centrala kalendern Information Technology true Sun, 27 May 2018 10:34:00 GMT &eventId=6126734928 2018-05-27T10:34:00Z Spring ceremony at the IT Faculty &eventId=70136613905 On June 4 it is time for the annual Spring ceremony at the IT Faculty. <![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><metadata><startDateTime>2018-06-04 10:00</startDateTime><endDateTime>2018-06-04 17:00</endDateTime></metadata>]]> Ceremony Centrala kalendern Student true Mon, 04 Jun 2018 08:00:00 GMT &eventId=70136613905 2018-06-04T08:00:00Z