Cracking the Big Freeze! Traceability Solutions for High-Dependability Agile Projects


Jane Cleland-Huang, Professor at the University of Notre Dame du Lac, is in Gothenburg to receive her honorary doctorate at the IT Faculty 2018. During her stay she will give an invited talk.

Abstract: The cost and effort to establish and maintain accurate and complete software traceability in an evolving software system can be extremely daunting - making it difficult for manufacturers and certifiers to fully understand the extent to which safety hazards have been mitigated. This has led to a phenomenon known as the "Big Freeze" in which the significant cost and effort of certifying a high-dependability system hinders the release of new features, frustrates competitiveness, and retards time to market. The problem is exacerbated in agile development environments characterized by fast-paced, iterative, and incremental releases. In this talk Dr. Cleland-Huang will present cutting edge traceability solutions that are well suited for use in agile projects, discuss state-of-the-art solutions for creating and evolving trace links within an agile project environment, and show how they can be used to construct and maintain a current and accurate safety case. Techniques discussed in the talk will be illustrated with examples from the Dronology System which is designed to manage and coordinate the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in emergency response scenarios.

Biography: Dr. Jane Cleland-Huang is Full Professor of Software Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research interests are in Software Traceability for Safety Critical Systems and the Application of Machine Learning and Information Retrieval to Requirements Engineering. Prior to her involvement in academia, Dr. Cleland-Huang worked in industry as a software developer. She is currently direct or of the Software and Requirements Engineering Research Lab and serves as North American Director of the Center of Excellence for Software Traceability. Dr. Cleland-Huang is Chair of IFIP 2.9 Working Group on Requirements Engineering, serves on the Editorial Board of Springer-Verlag's Requirements Engineering Journal and on the steering committee of the International Conference on Software Engineering. Contact her at (JaneClelandHuang at nd dot edu.)

Föreläsare: Professor Jane Cleland-Huang

Datum: 2018-10-18

Tid: 10:15 - 11:45

Kategorier: IT

Plats: Room Alfa, House Saga, Lindholmen

Evenemangslänk: Läs mer om Cracking the Big Freeze! Traceability Solutions for High-Dependability Agile Projects

Kontaktperson: Jan-Philipp Steghöfer

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