The Relational Affordances of Platforms


People have been socializing on the internet for nearly fifty years. In recent years, online social life has become increasingly concentrated in a relatively small number of commercial platforms. How can we make sense of the impacts they are having on our relational lives?

How can we theorize platforms when they are constantly changing and used in so many different ways? In this talk, Nancy Baym draws on a range of her recent research on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to articulate a model for understanding platforms as the dynamic, unstable entities they are, and to explore their roles in shaping, constraining and opening up new possibilities for relationships in contexts ranging from close romantic bonds to online communities and the ties that connect musicians to their audiences. The talk further considers how these platforms commodify the relational interactions that take place through them, and how their design choices have fostered environments in which relationships become tools for profit.

Föreläsare: Nancy Baym, hedersdoktor vid IT-fakulteten och forskningsledare vid Microsoft Research i USA.

Datum: 2019-10-17

Tid: 10:00 - 12:00

Kategorier: IT

Plats: Sal QUARK, våning 3, hus Patricia, Forskningsgången 6, Campus Lindholmen, Göteborg

Evenemangslänk: Läs mer om The Relational Affordances of Platforms

Kontaktperson: Ylva Hård af Segerstad

Sidansvarig: |Sidan uppdaterades: 2019-08-07

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