Lindholmen Students for Sustainability - lunch lecture "Under 10 kr"


Is it possible to eat cheap, nutritious and environmentally friendly? Yes, it is!

Hanna Olvenmark ger en lunchföreläsning: "Under 10 kr"

Two years ago, Hanna Olvenmark started a platform, undertian.com where she shares her creative, easy recipes and advices how to become more sustainable when it comes to food.

During this lecture she will give you tools for your everyday life on how to cook good for you, the planet and your wallet.

Where? Torg Grön (4th floor of House Patricia, Campus Lindholmen)

When? Tuesday March 27th at 12.00-13.00

The lunch lecture is free of charge and will be held in English.

Vegetarian wraps and drinks are provided to participants of the lunch lecture. Please sign up by 22/3 in order to secure a seat and a wrap.

Föreläsare: Hanna Olvenmark

Datum: 2018-03-27

Tid: 12:00 - 13:00

Kategorier: Miljö, Student, Hållbar utveckling

Arrangör: Lindholmen Students for Sustainability

Plats: Torg Grön (4th floor of House Patricia, Campus Lindholmen)

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Kontaktperson: Lindholmen Students for Sustainability

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