Citizen science project to tackle climate change receives Norwegian funding

Nyhet: 2019-12-06

air pollution

Marisa Ponti has together with department colleagues received NOK 1,800 000 funding from Nordforsk for the project Nordic participatory, healthy and people-centred cities (NordicPATH).

The NordicPATH-project is coordinated by NILU, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, with the objective to establish a new model for citizens’ participation and collaborative planning in Nordic countries to create healthy and people-centred cities.

marisa ponti– NordForsk received totally 56 applications and approved only 4, so it was a tough competition, says Marisa Ponti.

Researchers from the Applied IT department include senior lecturer Marisa Ponti (team leader), PhD-student Karin Ekman, associate professor Thomas Hillman and the professors Alexandra Weilenmann and Johan Lundin.

– Our aim is to tackle environmental impact on air quality and climate change and we want to help develop a method specifically targeted for the governance and the conditions of the Nordic countries with potential replicability and scalability to other countries. The reviewing panel also thought that we proposed an original and interesting use of 'citizen science' that might be generalisable to other urban environments. The reviewers believed this would change current state-of-the-art urban air pollution monitoring and challenge the current top-down model of smart cities, says Marisa Ponti.

NordForsk is an organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers that provides funding for and facilitates Nordic cooperation on research and research infrastructure.

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Foto Marisa Ponti: Catharina Jerkbrant
Foto air pollution: Creative Commons CC0


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