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IT University logotypeIT University is a joint organization between Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg, to support research, education and collaboration within IT and communication (ICT).

The focus of the network is on interdisciplinary projects and tasks, that involve several departments and faculties. There is also a focus on collaboration between academy, industry and society in ICT-related issues.


  • Researcher interview: Intercultural communication

    [10 Sep 2015] Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström is senior lecturer at the Division of Communication and Cognition at the Department of Applied IT. Nataliya's research area is intercultural communication, with a focus on communication within health care.

  • Data science has emerged as a new research paradigm

    [17 Aug 2015] "Data science" is about how to process, analyse and extract knowledge from very large quantities of data, "big data". The area is growing with the speed of the data sets themselves and the IT Faculty is going to start a new master's programme in data science in 2017.

  • Researcher interview: Focused on solving software problems

    [6 Aug 2015] Richard Torkar, a newly appointed professor in software engineering, sees himself rather as an empiricist than as a theoretician. The main focus in Richard's research is "search-based software testing", or testing of software systems in general.

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