Researcher interviews

Presentations of researchers from different areas at the Department of Applied IT and at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström: Researcher in intercultural communication

Richard Torkar: Focused on solving software problems

Peter Börjesson: Design with a focus on children's interaction

Christian Berger: Carolo Cup - a competition for autonomous miniature cars

Mathias Klang: Social media and digital rights

Elisabeth Ahlsén: Special interest: language and acquired brain injuries

Wolmet Barendregt: Exploring the possibilities of creating educational computer games

Devdatt Dubhashi: 'Algorithms can be used in almost every area to solve various problems'

Staffan Björk: The creative challenge of finding the best games for new technology

Helena Holmström Olsson studies effective methods for software development

Jan Ljungberg: IT turns ingrained notions on their head when it comes to innovation

Per Stenström constructs the computers of the future

Alexandra Weilenmann: How do we incorporate new technology with old habits?

Andrei Sabelfeld, The art of being ahead of a hacker

Månadens profil
Månadens profil
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